Champions Volume I

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Champions Volume I


This is a collection of the first 15 characters for Tails of the pantheon. A set of Tarot sized cards and a copy of all their stories in 1 booklet.

  • This is a deck of 15 cards. Each card is 2.75” x 4.75” / 7cm x 12cm.

  • Cards are 200gsm with metallic ink on front and back.

  • Includes Booklet of each character’s story.

  • Tuck box Packaging.

Characters Included:

  • Elbezel, the Sacred Grove

  • Merryball, the Forest’s Song

  • Osterwick, the Serpent’s Bane

  • Auliana, the Guardian’s Arrow

  • Mitsuko, the Wandering Wind

  • Bahrbaros, the Unbridled Fury

  • Kizha, the Kindling Flame

  • Siegwald, the Falling Sky

  • Tyberius, the Sun’s Justice

  • Meinard, the Severed Soul

  • Wukong, the Monkey King

  • Eiliph, the Seeking Sorrow

  • Reilidal, the Towering Veil

  • Olithus & Elynne, the Immortal Bond

  • Orzimund, the Gazing Star

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