Edgar Read, the Tide Reaver
Squeak, Voice of the Wild
Fiora, the Torrent’s Grace
Gor-tu’loq, the Tyrant’s Maw
Avadon, Death's Chosen
Leora, the Saviour's Gift
Rikasa, the Viper's End
Vergyl, the Monster Within
Orzimund, the Gazing Star
Olithus & Elynne, the Immortal Bond
Reilidal, the Towering Veil
Tyberius, the Sun’s Justice
Eiliph, the Seeking Sorrow
Wukong, the Monkey King
Siegwald, the Falling Sky
Kizha, the Kindling Flame
Bahrbaros, the Unbridled Fury
Auliana, the Guardian’s Arrow
Mitsuko, the Wandering Wind
Merryball, the Forest’s Song
Osterwick, the Serpent’s Bane
Elbezel, the Sacred Grove
 Meinard, the Severed Soul
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