Olithus & Elynne, the Immortal Bond


Olithus & Elynne, the Immortal Bond


Olithus was never meant to be. He had the soul of a hero, yet his legs could not carry his heart, destined to confinement.

Elynne did not follow the image of a noble Charger. She was shunned by every knight, none would ever grant her their saddle.

Alone, they would amount to nothing. Though on the Day of Binding, fate had the two meet. They were the last untethered. Without a word, Elynne knelt, an offering to carry Olithus and bear his burdens with him and he with hers. He accepted. They marched onward. Together. Ready to face any adversity that may come their way.

Some speak legends of heroism, others of glory.

Theirs is a tale of friendship.

This print is 420mm x 297mm 200 gsm.

Signed by the Artist.

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